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June 28, 2006, SOA ABSIG Meeting & SOA Information Day, Boston, MA, USA Model-Driven Business Process Platforms presentation, David S. Frankel, SAP Event-Driven Architecture, an SOA Peer and Complement presentation, Brenda M. Michelson, Elemental Links OMG Role - What We Are Doing and Where We Are Going?    Pete Rivett, Adaptive Inc. SOA in Government, Ed Seidewitz SCA: Service Component Architecture, Michael Rowley, BEA Creating an SOA Strategy, Beth Gold-Bernstein A Maturity-based SOA Roadmap, John C. Butler, Everware-CBDI Introduction to SOA Modeling in UML2, Jim Amsden, IBM BPM and SOA, Fred Cummins, EDS


Last updated on: 11/09/2007

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